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Who I Am

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About Jason Guy Richards, PsyD.

Jason Richards is a life coach specializing in the interplay between evidence-based behavioral change principals, professional training/experience and how to apply them in the real world. He received both a master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology, completed an intensive psychology internship in the military, practiced for over a decade as a psychologist and was the co-founder and co-director of a specialty clinic providing treatment for anxiety disorders. Jason has presented and provided multiple trainings at national and international conferences on the topic of OCD, generalized anxiety, health anxiety, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. He’s also provided training and supervision to medical and mental health professionals including psychometric test technicians, psychology residents, nurses and physicians.

Jason Richards is uniquely qualified to help those whose goals in life are being blocked by fear, uncertainty and doubt. His approach uses evidence-based behavioral change techniques learned from decades of specialized education, intensive training and working with groups known for enduring exceedingly high levels of stress and fear such as veterans, pilots, law enforcement, corporate/medical professionals and trauma survivors.

In short, he’s a recognized expert in making the behavioral changes necessary to reduce and eliminate the effects that fear uncertainty and doubt have on individuals, groups and organizations.